Stick on self-adhesive wall tiles to make a quick kitchen backsplash update in the kitchen

peel n stick backsplash

Self-adhesive tiles review

Well, when I rather review, they're so sweet, incredibly sticky, like if you took the tiles off, your drywall is going to destroy your drywall sticking well, the reviews lied. Who knew?  and they were falling off. And I was really upset and I didn't know what to do. I was frustrated. I had no idea. I should do the self-adhesive wall tile update work myself.

Self-adhesive wall tile installation

so I had posted on facebook some suggestions well done in me, just to get some adhesive, put it on there and stick them on. So what I did is, obviously you just peel off the back and then your statistic mind. But what I did is I went and got some adhesives, and I got this, which is liquid nails, and I was gonna get a spray adhesive, but I'm actually glad that I did it, because I probably would have sprayed it all over the place, because you're supposed to stay in quite a ways away from whatever you're spraying.
With the self-adhesive wall tiles, It's just like a goop. And I stuck it directly onto the back. I did the whole back straight across. I just did from here. And I made sure I got the little fingers. And I just went all the way down. It I used because I did about, I see about five feet across. then depending on where I was, it was about two or three feet high. my tiles were nine by eleven issue. And I used about one and a half of these tubes, but I used it pretty liberally to make sure that what is going to come off.

Then I would impress the tiles on there. once I made sure that I had my tiles stuff in place, exactly where I wanted it, I pushed down really hard. if a little bit of the adhesive came out, I what I did is I just used like an old just howl handheld, whatever. I just wiped it and it came right off, but make sure you wipe it before it drives because then I'm sure it would make a really nasty mess. but that's what I did. And my tiles, not a single one has come off at all. I've heard that look with nails is pretty good adhesive. My dad uses it all the time and he said if you try to use it and like try to take those off the wall is probably going to down. I drive while off, which is a good thing because I don't plan on taking them off my walls. But if you were having if you plan on doing or you are doing them right now on you're having troubles with them sticking. I highly recommend liquid nails. I got mine. a hardware store is where I got it.

It wasn't too awfully expensive. I think it was like four dollars and some change which I would definitely pay for making things stick on my wall. But like I said, if you guys are thinking about doing the kitchen backsplash update, definitely check out this self-adhesive wall tiles.